Dear Humanity

We spend $63 trillion each year on consumer goods and services

There is a $2.5 trillion funding gap to end extreme poverty* *per annum until 2030 

To change the world, we must change the system.We live in a world of extremes. We exist to bridge two of them. Right now, there are approximately 736 million people stuck in extreme poverty1. With many dying daily, simply because they lack access to basics for their health, education and living standards. The funding gap to end extreme poverty by 2030 is estimated at US$2.5 trillion dollars a year2.Meanwhile, consumer spending totals around US$63 trillion a year3.This injustice is fed by a broken system.
We believe that to change the world, we must change this system.
Remake it.
We see a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty. 
Our mission; amplifying impactful change-makers to better serve people living in extreme poverty by redistributing wealth from consumer spending.
And we need your help.

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2UNCTAD 2019 Annual Report accessed here: on 3/08/2020

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