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Managed service programs to maintain the hygiene in your facilities.

Sanitary Disposal is an essential service in all commercial washrooms. At Star Hygiene, we can assist you in providing a safe, hygienic and discreet way of disposing of all sanitary waste.

At Star Hygiene, we are committed to providing a quality service to ensure your washroom reflects positively on your business.

Hyscent is the only environmentally friendly commercial aircare system– no aerosols, harmful solvents or propellants. Hyscent uses pure essential oils. Refill Cartridges are recyclable. Odour Neutralisation – attacks and neutralises malodours with Odoraxe™

Baby Care solutions are a vital part of your washroom facilities, as they provide families with the necessary space to take care of their children’s needs. 

A managed service with Star Hygiene takes the hassle out of maintaining and restocking your workplace First Aid kits.

Our scheduled service ensures your First Aid kits are checked and restocked at regular intervals.

Star Hygiene collects and disposes of all clinical, medical and cytotoxic waste in compliance with Australian EPA standards.

Star Hygiene supply sharps disposal safes that we collect as required or on a tailored schedule and transport to our licensed waste treatment facility.

Our range of sanitisers, urinal screens, water management systems, descaling and sanitation services will help maintain a fresh smelling urinal.

Star Hygiene's insect control services are excellent for domestic and public service areas, food premises, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, factories and clubs.

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About Us

Star Hygiene provides a professional service for all your washroom hygiene requirements. We provide a large range of sanitary disposal units, to suit any washroom environment. From the budget conscious to the prestige tailored bathroom we can assist you with the perfect product and service solution.

We are the Star of Australia’s Washroom Hygiene service providers. We provide star service from the moment of your enquiry to the installation, supply and service of our equipment. Our customer’s come first and we will assist you in providing a tailored solution to meet your needs.