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Hyscent – what is it?

The HYscent refills are made from a proprietary Polymer Blend(refill) infused with “PURE” essential oils. The essential oils are infused at the molecular level and are released throughout the life of the refill.

Hyscent – how does it work?
The HYscent refill releases a “DRY” vapour. The Essential Oils migrate to the surface of the refill and are then dispersed into the area to be fragrance via the centrifugal fan. Working like a “TIME RELEASED” capsule, the HYscent refill will have continued efficiency for the life of the refill.

HYscent – what is dry vapour?
Aerosols, liquids, gels & hydrogen cells contain overly generous amounts of Propellants, Petroleum Distillates and Heavy Solvents. These “non-fragrance” products inhibit the fragrance flow though the air by surrounding the fragrance molecules and dragging them to the ground. Because the HYscent refill emits a dry vapor the fragrance will remain suspended in the air until the next fan cycle.
How do HYscent refills combat malodour?
All HYscent refills contain Odoraxe™, a malodour technology specifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odours, actually neutralizing malodours rather than simply “masking” them. Odoraxe™ is effective against such malodours such as tobacco smoke, bathroom smells, body malodour, pet, mildew, kitchen and cooking smells. Even when you can no longer smell the fragrance Odoraxe™ continues to be effective and counteract malodours.
Why are HYscent devices so effective?
All HYscent devices have been designed to work exclusively with the HYSCENT FRAGRANCE CARTRIDGES. Each device is suited to a different environment and situation providing a complete complementary fragrance solution.
Environmentally friendly
All HYscent refills are VOC compliant and ECO friendly. The refills are fully recyclable under plastics category 7.

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